Utilimarc light-duty pickup report offered to NAFA members

Members of NAFA Fleet Management Assn. are being offered a new light-duty pickup report free of charge. The Light-Duty Pickup report, from Utilimarc, includes data on total average annual cost for light-duty pickups; operating costs per mile (net fuel); average annual internal technician labor hours per 1,000 miles driven; average annual miles driven; and more.

It is the second report from Utilimarc to be offered to NAFA members free of charge.

“NAFA is proud to be able to offer such valuable information to our members,” said NAFA’s Executive Director Phillip E. Russo, CAE. "Utilimarc’s in-depth benchmarking databases and services meet all of the criteria and guidelines set by NAFA.  Their information is invaluable, and provides excellent insights into the industry.”

Utilimarc is a national consulting group that offers internal and external fleet benchmarking, electronic reporting, and electronic analytical tools for large diverse fleets nationwide.

According to NAFA, the Utilimarc methodology allows the user to compare fleet performance internally between departments or agencies or externally to their peers by measuring important fleet data such as equipment age, mechanic wages, and vehicle utilization. With the data, the user can develop electronic reports such as cost per mile, underutilized equipment, and operating costs, while formulating the ideal lifecycle modeling using the Utilimarc lifecycle model and electronic analysis.

NAFA members may view the latest report by logging into their NAFA membership account and choosing “Benchmarking Data” from the “Resources” pull down.  The direct link is: http://www.nafa.org/utilimarc.

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