Vanair introduces “flexible” line of generators

Vanair Manufacturing formally unveiled a new line of “flexible” generators for work crews that need mobile power at the NTEA's Work Truck Show last week.

The PowerFlex line “consist of modular builds of air compressors, generators and hydraulics capabilities to meet the exact needs of the customers,” the company said at the NTEA's annual even in Indianapolis.

“Over the past few years we have gathered feedback from our customers, and a consistent theme was they wanted a number of features of the Air N Arc products but  not all of them all the time,” said Dean Strathman, vice president, Abovedecks. “Many of these customers did not need the welder and based on this data, we decided to develop the PowerFlex line in order to provide them with a modular build system…now we have one and we are very excited.”

The PowerFlex line consists of the diesel engine driven HPU, AE, AH & AEH products.  

The HPU provides hydraulic power solutions with the truck engine off. This system enables the operator to activate a variable hydraulic displacement pump for maximum efficiency providing up to 13 GPM for aerial devices and hydraulic cranes. The HPU is equipped with 250 amps of DC charging capabilities to power a vehicle’s strobe lights, rotating beacons, auxiliary work lights, communication equipment and other auxiliary needs.

The AE, AH & AEH all are equipped with an air compressor providing air needs of up to 40 cfm at 150 psi. The difference between the systems lie in the ability to add components.

The PowerFlex AE comes with a 6,800 generator, while the AH is equipped with an integral hydraulic tank with flow of up to 13 gpm at 3000 psig.

The PoweFlex AEH gives you all three, an air compressor, generator and hydraulics.

“The unique flexibility of the PowerFlex modular system allows you to select just the functionality that best suits your work applications and budget. With today’s anti-idling laws and cost saving measures to turn the vehicles main engine off and still perform work is very desirable and often a necessity. We feel that this new line of PowerFlex engine driven machines are the robust solution the marketplace has been asking for to provide the power one needs to get the job done with the vehicles engine turned off,” added Greg Kokot, president.

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