Video series offering battery tutorials now online

Trojan Battery Co. has posted the first series of videos on its website, focused on expanding battery knowledge, of its Trojan Tips educational video line. The second set of videos in the series will be posted in 2013, the company said.

The Trojan Tips video tutorials are designed to provide in-depth information focusing on a variety of battery topics as well as expand awareness and understanding of deep-cycle battery technology.

“Trojan developed the Trojan Tips video tutorials to educate the public on how to enhance the performance and longevity of deep-cycle batteries that power a variety of electrical equipment,” said Vicki Hall, Trojan’s director of quality and technical services, and host of the Trojan Tips. “Trojan has received such tremendous positive feedback on the initial Trojan Tips series, and we are planning to develop another series of videos in 2013.”

The Trojan Tips educational videos can be viewed at  The following titles are available:

  • Deep-Cycle Battery Technologies - Expand your deep-cycle battery knowledge of various technologies available on the market today, and what to consider when selecting a battery for a particular application.
  • Determining the Health of a Deep-Cycle Battery - Learn the importance of measuring the state of charge of deep-cycle batteries by evaluating open circuit voltage and calculating specific gravity.
  • Battery Maintenance to Maximize Performance and Life - Learn proper safety techniques and methods for cleaning, watering, equalization, avoiding stratification and calculating specific gravity.
  • Expand Your Battery Charging “Know-How” - Learn important facts about battery charging as part of an effective battery maintenance program, including correct charging procedures, and rules to follow when charging.
  • Equalization is Key to Extending Battery Life and Performance - Learn how equalizing deep-cycle batteries will help avoid and reverse the buildup of negative chemical effects such as stratification and sulfation.
  • Proper Safety Methods for Handling Deep-Cycle Batteries - Safely handling batteries ensures the well-being of you, your equipment and those working in or around the area of battery-powered machines or vehicles.
  • Understanding Battery Capacity & Life Expectations - Learn about battery capacity ratings, achieving maximum capacity, signs of battery aging, and how depth of discharge measurements impact overall battery life.
  • Tips on How to Properly Store Deep-Cycle Batteries - Learn proper storage of deep-cycle batteries, and important maintenance procedures to perform while batteries are stored for long periods of time.
  • Battery Myths & Legends That Could Harm Deep-Cycle Batteries - Fact or Fiction? Discover the truth about the myths circulating on the golf course or in social circles to avoid destroying your battery investment.
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