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Aftermarket service and support will continue for Volvo customers who currently have a D16 engine the company stressed Photo by Sean Kilcarr for Fleet Owner
<p>Aftermarket service and support will continue for Volvo customers who currently have a D16 engine, the company stressed. (<em>Photo by Sean Kilcarr for Fleet Owner</em>)</p>

Volvo cancels D16; Mack cancels Titan tractor

Diminishing demand reason why Volvo cancelled its D16 engine and Mack stopped Titan production for North America.

In a mid-day memo to its dealer network last Friday, Volvo Trucks announced that it will no longer be selling its 16-liter D16 engine in the North American market anymore, citing “diminishing demand” as the reason for the cancellation.

Introduced into the U.S. back in 2005, the D16 offered displacement of 550 to 625 hp – mainly at heavy haul applications.

By extension, this also means Volvo’s brother company, Mack Trucks, will no longer be offering its large displacement MP10 engine, which is based on the D16. Mack is also discontinuing sales of its Titan heavy haul tractor as well.

“The decision is the result of limited market demand for this engine displacement and the long-term investment that would be required to maintain the D16 for the unique operating requirements of the North American market,” Brandon Borgna, spokesman for Volvo Trucks, told Fleet Owner.

Volvo's VNX model

“We also continue to see a general shift among our highway customers toward the lighter, more fuel-efficient Volvo D13 engine, which comprises the most popular engine displacement in North America,” he added.

The company noted that its D16 engine was available in Volvo’s VNL and VNX models. The VNL will continue to be available with the Volvo D11, D13 and Cummins X15 engines, while production of the VNX – introduced in 2013 – will be placed “on hold” though it will remain in Volvo’s product lineup for now.

“We’re evaluating solutions that will allow us to offer it in the future. In the interim, we intend to offer an ‘X-package’ for the VNL model, providing the ride height and heavy-haul attributes of the VNX with either the Volvo D13 or Cummins X15 engine,” Borgna said. “But aftermarket service and support will continue for customers who currently have a D16 engine.”

Volvo added that its new “X-package” for the VNL model will include a 20,000-lb front axle, dual steering gears, heavy-duty bumper, chrome grille, high ride height for improved ground clearance, and 500 hp versions of the Volvo D13 and Cummins X15 engines.

Mack's Titan tractor

The Volvo I-Shift automated mechanical transmission (AMT) will remain the standing offering on Volvo trucks equipped with a D11 or D13 engine, though manual transmissions will remain available as an option. The X15 engine will also be made available with a manual transmission or the Eaton Ultrashift AMT when ordered with Volvo models, the company said.

Mack spokesman Christopher Heffner told Fleet Owner that the company’s Titan tractor model and – as noted above – its engine, the Mack MP10, are being discontinued in North America as well.

He said in an email that's because many of the applications that the Titan served can be handled by Mack Pinnacle and Granite models equipped with the newer higher horsepower and torque outputs of Mack's MP8 13-liter engine.

“Mack will continue to provide full aftermarket service and support for customers who currently own a Titan model,” Heffner added.

He also noted that Mack will continue to produce its proprietary Maxitorque manual transmission, contrary to other information seen at press time.

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