Volvo VNL 860
Volvo showcased the VNL 860 model at its Expo Transporte booth. (Photo: Neil Abt/Fleet Owner)

Volvo expands product lineup in Mexico

GUADALAJARA, Mexico. Volvo Trucks is expanding its product lineup in Mexico, offering several new models beyond the VNL series.

During his opening comments at Volvo’s press conference during Expo Transporte, Magnus Koeck, vice president of marketing and brand management, acknowledged the company “hasn’t done that fantastic lately” in Mexico.

Volvo's Magnus Koeck outlines the company's strategy for growth in Mexico at Expo Transporte.

However, he said that was about to change with the updated VNL series, as well as two models previously not offered south of the border.

Volvo sells about 25,000 trucks a year in Mexico, making it among its top 10 markets and close to the same size as Canada.

“Expanding our product range makes Volvo Trucks even more competitive in the Mexican market,” said Göran Nyberg, president of Volvo Trucks North America.

A violinist performs ahead of the Volvo VNL unveiling.

First introduced in 1996, the updated VNL adds safety features including a smart steering wheel, putting controls for nearly all of the driver interface functions right at a driver’s fingertips.

While Volvo previously relied only on the VNL for longhaul sales in Mexico, it is widening its offerings with the VNR series and expansion of the Volvo autohauler (VAH) series.

Volvo said the VNR is tailored for regional haul applications in urban areas, pickup and delivery, liquid tankers, dry bulk, flatbed, and other regional applications. 

“Introducing the new VNR series in Mexico marks a giant leap forward for the market, which has historically lagged when it comes to equipment technology,” said Nyberg.

Similarly, Volvo said the VAH series allows it to better compete in Mexico’s burgeoning auto transport industry.

These vehicles in Mexico will be powered by Volvo D11 and D13 engines certified at Euro 4, which is Mexico’s current emissions standard. Volvo’s 2017 engines are an available option for trucks that will operate in cities where they’re permissible and ultra-low-sulfur diesel and diesel exhaust fluid are available.

During the press event, Volvo recognized the addition of Grupo Alden to its dealer network. Volvo has 43 dealer locations throughout Mexico.

Koeck projected North America’s Class 8 market to reach 260,000 units next year, a figure he suggested could end up moving significantly higher.

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