Webasto’s aftermarket HVAC now available for Ram

Webasto Thermo & Comfort North America said it has a wide range of integrated air-conditioning systems that offer comfortable and reliable temperatures. However, according to the company, the London takes it one step further, offering the additional heating function, making it a fully integrated aftermarket HVAC system for medium duty applications, including the Ram ProMaster and similar work vehicles.

The company said the London is available as an aftermarket solution to owners of the Ram ProMaster for additional heating and cooling needs in their cargo space.

“The unit is compact and efficient, offering up to 32,500 Btu/h of cooling capacity and 44,500 Btu/h of heating capacity,” Webasto said. “This integrated HVAC system from Webasto can be installed in the driver’s compartment bulkhead area with conditioned air delivery rearward, which allows for ease of installation without compromising valuable cargo space. This Standard Tie-in HVAC system utilizes the vehicle’s existing in-line condenser and compressor for cooling. The London is equipped with high-efficiency blowers that deliver constant airflow and ensure a long service life.”

For warmer environments where higher cooling capacities are desired, Webasto has introduced the Extreme Climate HVAC aftermarket system, the company announced. This system is an independent HVAC kit that shares the same components as the London tie-in configuration with the addition of an auxiliary engine driven compressor, a compressor mount kit and a roof mounted-low profile condenser.

Webasto’s first vehicle specific application for the London was designed for owners of the Ram ProMaster. Webasto’s London Integrated HVAC aftermarket system has been customized with vehicle specific control units, air vents and ducts to perfectly fit within the cargo space, according to Webasto.

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