Webb Wheel details proper wheel-end installation

The latest quarterly newsletter issued by Webb Wheel’s OEM business unit focuses on proper wheel-end installation procedures for mounting outboard brake drums onto piloted hubs. 

Webb said that the consequences of not following these procedures can damage both the hub and drum resulting in premature failures. 
The newsletter explains how the hub is to be rotated with a brake drum pilot in the 12 o’clock position with proper stud tightening procedure and torque values outlined. That is done to ensure that the total indicated runout (TIR) of the drum braking surface to the axle center line does not exceed .020 in, per Webb. 

The quarterly Webb OEM Newsletter delivers information to truck and trailer operators and those responsible for the maintenance of those vehicles.

Each issue can be found at www.webboenewsletter.com. Or they can be delivered in PDF format via e-mail by requesting that option on the website. 


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