Website assists users in finding the correct product

Bar’s Products has redesigned its website with a new focus on ease of use, particularly when it comes to finding the correct Bar’s Leaks or Rislone products.

The new site allows users to search for products based on vehicle symptoms rather than scrolling through a more traditional catalog setup. Icons help quickly identify problem areas and solutions in a visual manner, the company said.

“We take an insane number of calls every day from customers asking our tech department which product will work best for them,” said Jeff Ventura, vice president of digital strategy and new media. “We realized that while we had a full catalog of products on our old website, we had nothing that addressed the context of the problems our customers were having with their vehicles.”

To address specific problems, the site includes a “choose your problem area” section.

“More often than not, our web visitors have fairly urgent problems with their vehicles and they need our help right away,” Ventura added. “The new layout lets them easily find our best products for their particular problems by selecting which part of the vehicle they’re having trouble with. They can then narrow their search by choosing the symptoms the vehicle is showing. As a result, with just one or two clicks, we can identify the key products that will best meet a particular customer’s needs.”

Also included on the site is a “chemical additives myth” page to help customers understand what the products do and how they can help.

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