Website designed to identify maintenance cost savings

Luber-finer has launched a new website designed to help managers identify maintenance cost reductions. The new oil filter time release technology (TRT) value calculator mobile website, located at, has been designed to help better understand current maintenance costs associated with oil changes.

In addition, the calculator can help fleet managers determine their potential fleet savings by effectively using TRT filtration products in the Luber-finer product line. The Luber-finer line of heavy-duty TRT oil filters provide users with an oil management system that has been specifically engineered to help reduce escalating fleet-maintenance costs and help heavy-duty fleets extend oil-change intervals by increasing the protection against oil degradation in modern diesel engines, the company said.

“Today more than ever, fleet managers are looking at different options that can lower maintenance costs and improve uptime of their fleet. This new mobile app is designed specifically to help fleet managers get the valuable information they need to help reduce maintenance costs associated with oil-change intervals and extend the oil’s useful life,” said Layne Gobrogge, director of heavy duty marketing and product development for the Luber-finer division of Fram Filtration. “We are very proud that the Luber-finer brand is able to offer leading-edge productivity tools that go the extra mile for our customers in the heavy-duty market.”

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