Work truck body features new flush-door design

A new work truck body from Warner Bodies features a design that allows doors to sit flush with body panels on the vehicle.

The Select II body includes Warner’s FlushFinish door system, which includes recessed doorjambs, polymer seals, water management systems and drains that have all been redesigned for optimal performance. The doors are constructed of A60 galvannealed steel with 50% greater corrosion-inhibiting properties than most service body doors, the company said.

All doors are mounted to the Select II’s body structure using removable Nut Zerts and a vertically slotted system that enables doors to be adjusted, serviced or replaced easily without welding. Stainless steel, piano-style 5/16 in. door hinges are 25% beefier than the industry standard and are intentionally left unpainted to prevent chipping paint from migrating from the hinges to the body and causing corrosion.

“In the past, a variety of problems have literally emanated from the doors of service bodies and Warner has set out to eradicate this at its source,” Richard Manasek, president of Warner Bodies, said. “We’ve methodically addressed the inherent weaknesses in traditional service body doors, and in the process have created a new breed of service body that is highly corrosion resistant, more secure and easier to maintain and repair.”

The outer skins of the new Select II’s FlushFinish doors are constructed of a robust, corrosion-resistant, 14-gauge A60 galvannealed steel. The outer door panel and 16-gauge inner door panels are pan-formed and spot-welded with a strong, central vertical reinforcing member.

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