Your June 3 Pre-Trip: Public-private road building may not be the cash cow states think

Here is a look at five things worth knowing today:

  1. Virginia has led the way in so-called P3 partnerships, or a combination of the public and private sector to build and maintain roads, but now that state is trying to temper enthusiasm for the efforts, saying that they don’t always save the states money, according to Governing.
  2. INRIX and BMW are showing off a prototype system this week at the TU-Automotive Detroit exhibition that uses digital mapping and fleet data to identify available parking spots. The Dynamic Parking Prediction system is still in its infancy, but the hope is that it will someday make finding an on-street parking spot easier, says GizMag.
  3. Ford is slicing its two-week summer production shutdown in half at five of its plant in an effort to keep up with increasing demand for vehicles, says Automotive Business Review.
  4. FourKites, a startup company offering freight tracking services, has landed a cash influx through several investors, says Crains Chicago Business. Founded two years ago by a Northwestern University MBA student, the company has grown quickly and has now landed support from a number of firms.
  5. According to UPI, a new report suggests that LNG may still challenge diesel as the transportation fuel of choice globally, led largely by China, which is adopting the fuel at the fastest rate in the world.
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