Dray Alliance launches instant quote feature

Dray Alliance, which applies a “ride-sharing” model to drayage container delivery, launched its new quote feature, powered by a proprietary AI prediction algorithm. According to the Alliance, the feature provides users with “a quote at the click of a button, turning hours and weeks into minutes and seconds.”

“The Dray Alliance platform gives importers and exporters more flexibility and options when transporting their goods from the port to the warehouse,” the company said. “The new feature will enable them to not only find drayage shippers faster, but also at more competitive rates.”

With the new service, import/export shippers click a button and upload their delivery orders, after which they are immediately presented with a rate for the delivery. Over time, the algorithms learn their delivery preferences, such as destination and time.

 “Currently, import and export shippers that deliver containerized cargo have to spend hours or even weeks to negotiate a drayage rate, which can have a huge impact on business,” said Steve Wen, co-founder and CEO of Dray Alliance. “We are proud to be pushing this industry forward with new ideas and technology. By offering transparency to drayage and intermodal trucking companies, we can ultimately lower the cost of container deliveries, making life easier for everyone involved.”

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