2013 Vehicle Graphics Awards

This year’s Vehicle Graphics Awards winners represent a cross-section of American trucking.

From A. F. Wendling’s Foodservice’s 100th anniversary graphics, to Home Depot’s ode to the springtime tradition of planting, to the U.S. Marine Corps Exchange’s Mobile Tactile Field Exchanges training trailers, the vehicles pictured on the following pages are some of the best-looking trucks and trailers you’ll find on the highway today.

More and more fleets are taking the time to wrap their vehicles, recognizing the advertising opportunity it presents for their brand or even someone else’s, such as is the case with the fleet from retail chain Runnings. Whether a fleet runs a van, a straight truck, or a tractor-trailer, companies of every type can benefit from the visibility their vehicles offer. The lesson is that available space on a vehicle is a lost opportunity if it’s not wrapped with high-impact graphics.

The common theme among all the vehicles, though, is unmistakable: clean, crisp and effective delivery of a message. A message that delivers on its pitch—perfectly and every time.

What follows are some leading examples of pitches that hit their mark. The winners, chosen by the Fleet Owner staff, include our Editor’s Choice Award winner. All the winners represent the impact that key words and images can have in effectively promoting a brand. So browse through the following pages as Fleet Owner presents its Annual Vehicle Graphics Awards finalists.

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