Apple Express offers rewards program for logistics industry

Apple Express says it has introduced the logistics industry's first rewards program.

“Apple Express has already transformed the experience of transferring goods,” the company said. “Now, customers have the added motivation of earning exciting rewards with each shipment made with the Apple Express. That means they can leave their shipment worries behind, go home and spend their rewards on the things that matter to them the most: from high tech toys to essentials like gas or groceries.”

"With Apple Rewards you can afford the latest gadgets, top up on gas, grab a meal, or even go grocery shopping, just by making shipments," says Matt Leszczak, president. "Had a tough day and need to rewind with a cup of joe at your local coffee shop? No need to look for spare change – Apple Rewards has you covered!"

“Many 3PL companies and carriers will call wanting to haul your freight, promising the world – but do they deliver?" Leszczak asks. "Apple Express is here to come to your rescue - no more waiting or making endless phone calls because something needs to reach someplace at a fixed time. And now, we will not only provide excellent service, but also reward you for every load you supply us with, because we appreciate your business."

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