AscendTMS offers IFTA tax reporting to subscribers

InMotion Global announced that AscendTMS has added free IFTA tax reporting to its feature set.

Tim Higham, president and CEO of InMotion Global, said, “Carriers can now complete IFTA reporting in less than 2 minutes if they use AscendTMS to manage their trucking business. Today, most carriers take several days compiling the required IFTA paperwork and they use a costly third party filing service. Now, AscendTMS offers them a zero-cost IFTA reporting solution that is fast, accurate, and free.”

The AscendTMS IFTA service calculates all carrier miles traveled through each state for the reporting period and calculates the applicable taxes using the latest published IFTA tax rates per state. It allows carriers to manually edit line-haul and deadhead miles per state, provides fuel card integration with EFS, Fleet One, and other national fuel card providers, and it automates the entire IFTA reporting process for carriers, according to the company.

“In addition to the new IFTA reporting features, AscendTMS is the only TMS to offer seamless cash funding on completed loads, offers fully customizable load management screens, free GPS load tracking built into the TMS, free document management, sending of drivers instructions via text from the TMS (and receive replies), complete fleet, asset, and driver management, full brokerage management, easy accounting, full reporting, user role management, branch and agent management, a free truckload rate index, a free driver pay and settlement module, free route and load optimization, free customization, EDI connectivity, and much more,” the company noted.

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