ATA launches program to groom trucking leaders

The American Trucking Assns. (ATA) has started the LEAD ATA program, designed to groom the next generation of trucking executives.

“In the 80 years since ATA was founded, we have always relied on industry leaders to be our spokesmen and our examples of what trucking means to the country,” said Bill Graves, president & CEO.

“LEAD ATA will help us nurture and cultivate our next generation of leaders and ensure that the legacy those giants have left us is entrusted to sure, steady hands.”

The program is sponsored by PeopleNet. It will provide educational opportunities designed to highlight how the regulatory and legislative process affects the trucking industry and the important role ATA plays in shaping both, as well as demonstrating the tools available to industry executives through ATA.

Each year, a new class will be accepted into LEAD ATA.

“This industry and ATA have given me many opportunities to demonstrate leadership,” said Kevin Burch, ATA vice chairman and president of Jet Express, Dayton, OH. “Participants in LEAD ATA will be given important leadership tools that they can use to guide this association and industry into a promising and prosperous future.”

“PeopleNet is honored to be a part of LEAD ATA,” said PeopleNet president Brian McLaughlin. “Building strong leaders for the future will ensure that our industry remains healthy, vibrant and forward-thinking

“This program is a unique opportunity for individuals to advance their skills and networks with an eye on taking transportation to the next level,” he continued. “We look forward to collaborating with ATA on the program moving forward.”

For more on LEAD ATA, click here.

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