ATRI updates its sustainable freight practices compendium

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) has updated the compendium of sustainable freight practices on its website.

The compendium identifies a number of sustainable practices being used by the trucking industry today ranging from driver training, idle reduction and speed management to vehicle aerodynamics, tires and engine systems.  In addition to identifying sustainable practices, the compendium provides research findings on the costs and benefits associated with these practices.

The update identifies some of the latest research on the practices being used today by trucking companies to save fuel and reduce emissions.  ''Sustainability is often viewed as managing the triple bottom line - profits, people and planet.  The practices identified in the compendium can not only save companies money but also improve operational efficiency and reduce emissions," said Mike Tunnell, ATRI's director of environmental research.

ATRI noted the compendium also identifies how public sector practices such as congestion mitigation, research and testing, and the use of standards can advance sustainable freight practices.  Research findings quantifying the benefits generated from these public sector practices are also provided, according to ATRI.

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