Bestpass adds leased-equipment toll service

LOUISVILLE, KY.  Toll management provider Bestpass has added a new program for leased truck, trailers and other vehicles.  Introduced at the Mid America Trucking Show, the Leased Equipment Toll Solution (LETS) allows users of leased equipment to transfer toll-payment transponders between vehicles, as well as simplify rebilling from lessor to lessee.

Existing Bestpass customers who transfer transponders to leased vehicles will retain their discounts and other account features, according to the group.

In other news, Bestpass president and CEO said the group expects to add complete toll coverage in Mexico by sometime next year and “almost complete coverage” in Canada by the end of 2018.

Currently Bestpass offers national toll coverage over 100% of major U.S. toll roads and has agreements with over 40 tolling groups. With 4,000 customers and over 300,000 transponders in service, it said it processed over $450 million in tolls last year.

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