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Bestpass surpasses $100 Million in toll-related savings for customers

Bestpass, a company that provides nationwide toll management to commercial fleets, recently surpassed $100 million in toll-related savings for its customers, which range in size from independent owner-operators to mega-fleets with thousands of vehicles on the road.

Bestpass saves its customers money on toll by in several ways, including:

  • Simplifying back-office activity, saving administrative time and associated cost
  • Obtaining the highest possible volume discounts on behalf of customers who would not otherwise be eligible
  • Identifying and correcting misreads and streamlining violation processing

“We’re in business to simplify toll for our customers,” said John Andrews, president and CEO of Bestpass. “Achieving this new milestone of $100 million in savings is a testament to the value that Bestpass provides to the thousands of fleets and drivers that rely on us every day to manage their toll."

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