‘Boot camp’ offered to prepare fleet owners for sale of their company

Ahern and Associates, Ltd., a trucking and transportation management consulting firm, has introduced a new, one-day “sales boot camp” aimed at properly preparing owners of trucking and logistics companies for the sale of their business.

Ahern’s new boot camp takes a comprehensive, consultative approach to selling transportation companies addressing not only the financial issues, but the mental and emotional burdens most owners deal with when contemplating the sale of their company, according to Andy Ahern, CEO. During the sales boot camp, Ahern and his team will meet with the owner of the transportation company for the entire day to thoroughly address all of the processes involved in selling a company.

“We understand that selling a trucking company involves many factors that go well beyond finances; our new sales boot camp is the only service available which educates sellers on the marketplace as well as prepares them to handle the strong emotional aspect of selling a business,” Ahern said.

Those enrolled in this new service will learn how to mentally prepare to “let go” of their company, establish a current market value to their business and create a maximum value prior to offering for sale. Ahern’s team will thoroughly review the business and offer advice on how to overcome objectives from prospective buyers while providing alternatives on how to create the most shareholder value in any market condition, Ahern said. Additionally, attendees will learn about the several types and structures of a sale, how to properly market their business and know exactly what type of information to release to prospective buyers as well as the critical timing of release of that information.

As part of the boot camp, meals will be served during the day and attendees will be treated to a personal group dinner where final details can be discussed. “This service is designed for a company of any size — whether it’s a trucking company that has 10 trucks or a company that has 1,000 trucks,” Ahern said.

For more information or to reserve a spot call Claudia Balderas at (602) 242-1030 or email [email protected]

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