Celadon adds new short-haul and vacation pay options

Celadon adds new short-haul and vacation pay options

Trucking conglomerate Celadon Group is rolling out two new pay package options for its solo drivers; one that offers more vacation time in exchange for a pay decrease, with another offering what’s being dubbed a “short-mileage bonus.”

The carrier added that both of those packages are available to most drivers of its drivers in addition to its existing “standard pay” package of 33 cents per mile for drivers with six months to two years of experience and 34 cents a mile for drivers with two year or more of experience.

  • Vacation pay package: Celadon said this offers an accelerated schedule for accruing time off. If drivers take a three-cent-per-mile pay cut, they can earn an extra week of vacation after driving as few as 30,000 miles.
  • Mileage band package: This option offers a higher per-mile pay rate for drivers who agree to routes that are less than 600 miles in length – a “short-mileage bonus” that can range from two cents to 10 cents extra per mile.

“We understand the importance of retaining drivers in our fleet,” noted Dave Chesterman, director of Celadon recruiting, in a statement.  "By giving our drivers a choice of pay options, we feel that we can help meet their financial needs.”

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