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Chevin plans upcoming fleet management device launch

Chevin Fleet Solutions will release a device early next year to allow technicians to remotely manage tasks.

The Workshop Hub will be an interactive touchscreen technology offered to customers in early 2019, but a small group of preexisting consumers will get to test an alpha version in a few months.

The Hub will serve as the main location for work orders, allowing users to complete different assignments, such as workshop audits, service documents and time and inspection sheets. These administrative tasks can be completed on the go and will operate in real-time for up-to-date information and efficient communication, utilizing the most recent data available.

FleetWave will assign job cards to each employee and can track daily work while integrating with the new ‘Hub’ to document work through engaging visuals and job-specific information. Supervising teams will have a larger outlook on their staff, which is especially useful for companies with numerous locations.

Additionally, the ‘Hub’ will assist in compliance and risk management through use of manufacturer-defined inspection sheets that necessitate job completion and compliance prior to digitally filing. And if a company transitions from paper to electronic processing, using Chevin’s suite of products has the potential to save a fleet money.

Regardless of savings potential, it is likely to simplify typical oversight processes and strengthen data collection. The ‘Workshop Hub’ is compatible with and available on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

Chevin’s managing director Ashley Sowerby said the new device is being built by experienced professionals who have reflected on both their personal time in the industry and their understanding of fleet needs.

“This has allowed us to ensure it not only uses the very latest technology stacks available, but also perfectly meets the needs of technicians and managers alike,” Sowerby said.

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