CSA Group offers new CNG training

CSA Group announced it now offers a new training course ideal for service and fleet managers and personnel working on and inspecting compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles. CNG Cylinder and Fuel System Inspection Essentials is a two-day course that features real-world exercises that explores the most important steps in a fuel system inspection and provides participants with all the knowledge they need to prepare for their CNG Cylinder & Fuel Inspection Certification, according to the company.

CSA said the course helps fleet personnel to:

  • Analyze a vehicle’s history & identify potential gas safety hazards
  • Learn the appropriate cleaning and handling methods
  • Describe the consequences of various defect levels to both technical and non-technical customers
  • Demonstrate the appropriate pressure relief inspection process
  • Identify the appropriate sources for both repair and replacement
  • Demonstrate the appropriate defueling process

CSA Group offers a full suite of standards, training tools and personnel certification programs support the CNG industry. CSA Group offers a practice exam that offers sample questions to help participants increase their chances of passing your CNG Cylinder & Fuel Inspection Certification exam the first time.

CSA Group’s CNG Fuel System Inspector Certification program covers the inspection of containers, valves, pressure relief devices (PRDs) including vent system and other fuel system components of CNG-fueled vehicles.

Successful completion of the CNG Fuel System Inspector Exam means that candidates have demonstrated proficiency in inspecting CNG vehicle cylinders and fuel systems, identifying and documenting defects, and the safe handling of cylinders and fuel system components. ANSI has assessed that the program meets internationally-set criteria for the development and operation of a personnel certification program, so participants can feel confident that they are gaining the appropriate knowledge and skills to do their job safely. ANSI personnel review CSA Group’s program every year to help ensure the program and the examination remain current, valid, reliable and fair to all participants and the industry.

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