DAT Solutions integrates carrier onboarding capability with Aljex Software

DAT Solutions’ carrier onboarding product, DAT Onboarding, is now integrated with Aljex Software, the company announced.

Through the integration, Aljex users can quickly and efficiently bring on new carriers without leaving the Aljex application, DAT said.

With DAT Onboarding, carriers complete an online profile that includes their equipment type, services, geographic preferences, tax information, and insurance agent details. Once completed, carriers can visit any broker’s site on the DAT Onboarding platform to sign that broker’s contract.

“When a broker needs to move a load, time is of the essence,” said Tim Bickmore, DAT Solutions president. “With DAT Onboarding, the carrier doesn’t have to track down a fax machine to send and receive documents, and brokers don’t have to manually transfer information from an illegible fax into their TMS.”

Aljex software is integrated with other DAT Solutions products as well, including DAT Load Boards, DAT RateView, and DAT CarrierWatch.  DAT Solutions is currently working with other major TMS vendors to integrate DAT Onboarding into their software.

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