Defending fleets against cyber threats

Every fleet today is connected, connected to its trucks, connected to its drivers, connected to its customers and even connected to its regulators. They have data that thieves want, and a password and firewall aren’t enough anymore to keep them at bay.

In an exclusive Fleet Owner webinar on Feb. 22, three leading experts in wireless data and cargo security will identify common fleet vulnerabilities to cyber threats and talk about ways to protect against those threads.  

Warren Westrup, the director of IoT engineering and architecture at Verizon Wireless will address the potential security issues created by the new Internet of Things (IoT) networks behind today’s connected trucks and telematics systems.

As the transportation lead and crime and theft specialist at major trucking insurer Travelers Inland Marine, Scott Cornell is a recognized industry expert on the topic of cargo theft.  He’ll explain how hackers exploit data networks as cargo theft moves into the digital realm, as well as what fleets can do to minimize their exposure to damaging data breaches.

Having worked in both transportation management and law enforcement, Keith Lewis of CargoNet will bring a practical operational perspective to the issue of cyber security in this new era of digital commerce and communications.

The one-hour online event is free to anyone who pre-registers and will include an opportunity for audience questions. It is being sponsored by fleet management provider Telogis as an educational service to trucking and its fleet executives.

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