Is on-demand trucking the future—your future?

Balancing capacity with demand has always been a challenge for truck fleets. The ideal is to have exactly the assets you need, no more, no less, in order to do the best possible job at the lowest possible cost.  In an industry as changeable as trucking, however, such perfection has been the stuff of dreams, not daily reality. Now, however, new business models are emerging. Technology and advanced analytics are creating enormous new opportunities -- not just to do more with less, but to do better than ever before.

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Wallace Lau, senior industry analyst, commercial vehicle research for Frost & Sullivan will present a fascinating look at the enormous shifts the so-called “sharing economy” is triggering and what they will mean for freight transportation and service fleets in the near future.  If you’d like to know more (or worry that you had better know more) about the new wave of “mobile-based freight brokering” and “information-driven logistics,” then this is the event for you.

Miki Gavriloski, operations manager at Sweetland Transport and president of Sweetland Logistics; and Tim Aboussleman, logistics consultant for SeQuential, LLC, will each also offer an insider’s view of how they are shaking up the competitive environment in their own markets—and what is happening as a result.

Attend this free, hour-long webinar and you may never see fleet operations the same way again.

Register today for this exclusive, free webinar, presented by Fleet Owner and sponsored by Omnitracs.

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