Electrical-troubleshooting training

Global Training Solutions is offering an electrical-troubleshooting training program for technicians.

The firm says its Electrical Troubleshooting Simulation Skills Training Series offers training so technicians can develop skills for troubleshooting all types of electrical circuits and equipment effectively and efficiently.

From basic electrical circuits to control and motor circuits, the series teaches a proven troubleshooting process, providing hands-on training on a range of realistic electrical simulations. The series has just been expanded to include the newest addition:  Industrial Controls 2 Simulation Training.

The Troubleshooting Skills Series includes:

·         Six Titles: Electrical Circuits; Control Circuits; Motor Circuits; Industrial Controls 1, Industrial Controls 2 and PLC Circuits

·         Hands-on learning modules that teach valuable troubleshooting safety and strategies, and let you practice your techniques.

·         Several practice circuit simulations where you can learn and practice new methods and techniques.

·         Realistic circuit simulation environments to develop and test your troubleshooting skill.

·         Over 100 challenging faults to solve.

·         Printable resources such as circuit diagrams, flowcharts, and worksheets.

·         Detailed feedback on your troubleshooting process and comprehensive evaluation of your troubleshooting skills.

·         The experience of an expert troubleshooter applied on sample faults.

·         A printable Certificate of Completion.

·         Instructor resources to help integrate the software into a course.

To request additional information, send an e-mail request to [email protected] or telephone 416-806-5777. 


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