enVista offers leadership training

Supply chain consulting and IT services firm enVista is offering on-site leadership training for first-line supervisors. The training is based on the book, “Supervising on the Line: A Self Help Guide for First Line Supervisors,” written by Gene Gagnon.

Jim Barnes, enVista president & CEO, authored the revised version of the handbook n 2011. The book offers leadership, management, and common sense advice that first-line supervisors need to be successful and more valuable to their organizations.

enVista is offering one-day training sessions geared towards new or seasoned first-line supervisors. Sessions are taught at the client site and tailored to each organization and its staff. The class teaches supervisors how to lead, manage, communicate, direct and measure their associates and will demonstrate how these techniques directly impact organizational goals.

Topics covered by the training session include how to take responsibility within your management area or warehouse, time management and everyday problem solving, the importance of employee training, barriers to productivity and how to overcome them, how to make communication a two-way street, and motivating your employees, while still maintaining control.

enVista also offers a Supervising on the Line certification course for trainers within the client’s organization. Trainers will be certified by enVista to teach the Supervising on the Line course within their organizations. This certification offers exceptional value to clients as the certified trainer can teach the course multiple times within the organization.

“Supervising on the Line is a must read book for every logistics and retail professional who directly manages front line associates,” said Tom Stretar, enVista Director and LMS Practice Leader. “At enVista, we begin every retail, labor performance, or warehouse management implementation project with a review of the book, a series of self-help exercises, and recommendations for incorporating the principles of effective communication, leadership, and motivation for practical use by the supervisor.”

The Supervising on the Line handbook was first written 30 years ago. Barnes updated and republished the book in 2011 to ensure that first line supervisors continue to benefit from its timeless management lessons. Through stories and real life “on-the-line” examples, the book offers timeless and proven tips for managing employees in the distribution environment.

“There have been numerous books written on management theory and practices,” said Barnes. “Many of these books tell you what a manager and first line supervisor need to do, but very few books inform the reader on how to actually lead, manage, communicate, direct and measure their associates.”

To schedule a Supervising on the Line training, or for more information, contact enVista consultant Brette Smith at [email protected] or visit http://www.envistacorp.com/organizational-training-development.html.

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