Fatigue risk management software released

Circadian has released a “suite of web-based software tools” to help fleets manage driver fatigue. The Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) offers three levels of control.

The first level is compliance. Circadian’s Schedule Compliance Analyzer will determine if a work schedule conforms with hours-of-service and work-rest rules. It offers specially tailored versions for RP-755, and other industry and government FRMS standards and can also assess scheduling alternatives (e.g., who’s available for overtime and whether that shift swap is OK.

The second level manages risk. The Schedule Fatigue Risk Analyzer will instantly determine if a work schedule is creating excessive and costly fatigue risk. It utilizes Circadian’s scientifically-validated CAS-5 fatigue modeling platform to provide a fatigue risk score, allowing managers to see not only who could work, but who should work.

The final level of control is the investigation. When an incident occurs, the Fatigue Accident/Incident Causation Testing System (FACTS) will help managers determine whether employee fatigue was a contributing factor. A scientifically-validated tool for incident and accident investigation work is utilized and the system will store, analyze and benchmark all fatigue risk data in a secure database.

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