FedEx expands critical logistics support network

Global cargo transportation provider FedEx is expanding the support network for its FedEx SupplyChain subsidiary, beefing up shipment visibility and control features, as well as adding over 100 new stocking locations to support its FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics service – many of them located in Mexico and India.

“As critical inventory supply chains continue to require increasingly complex global solutions, we continue to invest in technology and new services to stay in front of our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations,” noted Craig Simon, president and CEO of FedEx SupplyChain, in a statement.

Simon added that his division is adding a “global event management service” as well; a process for establishing a shipment plan and “milestones” for each critical order to help to keep deliveries on track and on time.

For instance, as soon as an order is picked up, the pick-up scan data is instantly transmitted to the global command and control center to indicate that a milestone has been cleared. If a scan is scheduled but not cleared as planned, follow-up actions are triggered to proactively bring the order back on course, he noted. 

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