Free unlimited document scanning for drivers


Eleos Technologies announced that its Drive Axle mobile scanning solution is free for all truck drivers, who can now use the technology on their iPhone and Android smartphones to scan and send unlimited freight documents at no cost.

Drive Axle enables drivers to reduce unpaid miles and get paid faster. POD’s and bills of lading can be submitted within minutes of delivery, allowing same-day billing, according to Kevin Survance, Eleos CEO

Multi-page scanning is a core feature of Drive Axle. Drivers can quickly combine many pages of BOL’s, fuel receipts, and scale certificates into a single multi-page document. Household movers find this especially helpful due to the large number of pages that must be submitted for a single load, Survance said.

Recognizing that drivers often make deliveries in areas where no data connection is available for their smartphones, Suvance pointed out that Drive Axle offers robust off-network capabilities. If a data connection is unavailable, scanned documents are automatically held on the phone and transmitted later when a data connection is detected.

“Truck drivers no longer need to endure the high cost and inconvenience of public fax machines, overnight envelopes, and truck stop scanners,” Survance said. “Now even owner operators and small fleets can enjoy the benefits of rapid document transmission — at zero cost.”

Survance noted that image quality is a key concern for drivers. “Drivers want to know that their documents will be accepted the first time. Drive Axle’s image quality is superb — often better than fax machines and in-cab scanners. As extra insurance, we also deliver a high-resolution original image as a backup to the enhanced image. This virtually eliminates the need for rescans.”

Eleos also provides The Hub, a web-based document management system that integrates with Drive Axle and can improve back office efficiency for fleets by as much as 40%, Survance said. Users can quickly receive, organize, and send freight documents from any web browser. 

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