FTR adding seasonality analysis to Intermodal Update

FTR is adding seasonality trend analysis to its monthly Intermodal Update publication. This feature will provide a detailed view each month of the how current performance and seasonal patterns compare to those seen over the past 10 years.

Comparisons will be made for total, international, domestic, domestic container and trailer. 

For example, analysis of September’s results indicates that total intermodal movements were 3.1% higher than the average of the preceding 12 months.  This is a bit weaker than the historical trend for September, which shows typical volume 4.2% higher than the average of the preceding 12 months.

“Very often we hear comments regarding seasonal intermodal patterns, in particular with regard to peak season,” said Larry Gross, senior consultant. “This analysis will take a cold-eyed look each month to see whether there are real changes that are occurring, rather than impressions based on often-murky recollections of past performances. Over time, this analysis will give our readers a clear idea of any ‘new normal’ in intermodal seasonality.”

The Intermodal Update, part of the firm's Freight Focus Series, is a joint production of FTR and Gross Transportation Consulting. Each month the Intermodal Update provides a deep dive into current North American intermodal performance, providing segmented detail on intermodal performance including movements of international vs. domestic equipment,container vs. trailer, private vs. rail; and detail on the ten top intermodal lanes.

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