FTR hires Don Ake to enhance Truck & Trailer Outlook

FTR has hired industry Don Ake as vice president of commercial vehicles. In addition, the firm has enhanced its Truck & Trailer Outlook with Ake’s expertise, which includes 10 years as an FTR client.

“We wanted a game-changer step with our Truck & Trailor Outlook, and we knew Don Ake was the best guy to champion this cause. Don has made an immediate impact on our ability to forecast and analyze truck and trailer demand. We are excited to have Don join our award-winning team of experts at FTR,” said Eric Starks, President of FTR.

Ake has over 20 years of transportation industry experience, including 16 years with Hendrickson. His background includes forecasting and market analysis. While at Hendrickson, Ake developed models, methods, and processes to accurately forecast truck and trailer builds and product demand, FTR said.

Ake also wrote an industry economic newsletter and has taught economics courses at Indiana Wesleyan University (Cleveland, Ohio campus) and master’s level marketing courses at both Indiana Wesleyan and Walsh University. He has also been a frequent guest lecturer at the University of Akron. From 2009-2013, Ake wrote an economic blog, Model T Stock Trends, which gained a worldwide readership.

On Thursday, Dec. 12, 2013, FTR will president a Truck & Trailer Outlook webinar where Ake will detail the new enhancements to the service and other expanded services.

Register by clicking here.

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