Country recording artist Lindsay Lawler performs at the close of PeopleNet39s 2015 User Conference in Phoenix Photo by Aaron Marsh

Country recording artist Lindsay Lawler performs at the close of PeopleNet's 2015 User Conference in Phoenix. (Photo by Aaron Marsh)

Honoring truck driver heroes and our nation's fallen

"We hear everything from changing a tire to delivering a baby to saving a life — things that we believe are the norm, not the exception to the rule," Lawler said. "They're extraordinary men and women."    

Call it a soft spot for those who keep America going strong. At a performance Wednesday evening, Aug. 26, country recording artist and songwriter Lindsay Lawler urged fleet owners to nominate truck driver heroes for a program that recognizes them and support an event that honors our nation's heroes who've made the ultimate sacrifice.

She and her band performed at a dinner that wrapped up PeopleNet's 2015 User Conference in Phoenix last week. Having performed in venues ranging from Nashville, TN, to the U.S. Capitol's Christmas tree lighting to truck stops across the country, Lawler has been closely involved with the trucking community.

She's the spokesman for the Truckload Carriers Assn.'s Highway Angel program, which recognizes professional truck drivers "for the unusual kindness, courtesy and courage they've shown others while on the job." Lawler said in meeting drivers, "we hear everything from changing a tire to delivering a baby to saving a life — things that we believe are the norm, not the exception to the rule.

"They're extraordinary men and women, and we get to hear their stories every day out on the road," she added. "It's a great program. For drivers that you know or work with at your companies, I encourage you to check it out." She and the band played their song Highway Angel as well (see below).


"One Mile at a Time", a song dedicated to Wreaths Across America
"Highway Angel", a song written for TCA's Highway Angel program
"Callin' Baton Rouge", (cover) classic Nashville fiddlin,' written by Dennis Linde

From her new album "2 Peaches 6 Cookies," Lawler also played One Mile at a Time, a song about moving on after loss that's dedicated to Wreaths Across America. Among other events, Wreaths Across America honors soldiers who've died in the nation's conflicts and other veterans at an annual event laying wreaths at the graves in Arlington National Cemetery.

"If you haven't gotten a chance to go to Arlington in December for this event, I really suggest that you do," Lawler said. "It's a really cool event, and it's not somber, actually. I heard one lady say that she's not sad and it's cool to come out there and see it — she knows that when she's gone, people will continue coming and remembering her son.

"That's why we keep going back to remember and honor those people," Lawler told the audience.

Check out our video clips from the band's live performance, or visit for more information.

Video: "One Mile at a Time"

"One Mile at a Time"
(Lindsay Lawler/Chris Roberts)

Rome wasn't built in an afternoon
It's gonna take time gettin' over you
Going through the hell that's goodbye

I always said I would always be
There by your side if you ever needed
Anything — can you forgive me?

We love
And lose
And live
And die

One mile at a time
Take my hand
Even though we're not walkin'
The path that we planned
We learn how to fly
Through gray and blue skies
We only get stronger and keep getting by
One mile at a time

Even God needed seven days
To make the whole world and give us grace
Oh it's okay — sometimes you've got to pray

And love
And lose...

Video: "Highway Angel"

"Highway Angel"
(Lindsay Lawler/Chris Roberts)

I remember that the road was wet
The bright lights from the cars ahead
I remember every word from the prayer I said

I remember how time stood still
Seemed like forever until
The world came crashing down around me

And I closed my eyes
And I wondered if it was my time
Or was there a

Highway angel — a beautiful stranger
Who will be the light on my darkest night
And save me from this hell
Highway angel

I remember how you reached your hands
Through the broken glass
And how it all just seemed to go so fast

I never even got your name
But how could I forget the face of a hero sent my way
By God's amazing grace

Highway angel...

Road to road, coast to coast
Giving back when they get the chance to
Saved my life passin' through
I thank God I can say thank you

God bless my
Highway angel...

Video: "Callin' Baton Rouge"

"Callin' Baton Rouge"
(Dennis Linde)

Lawler and band played a foot-stompin' cover of this song that's all Nashville. This song's known for performances by the Oak Ridge Boys and later Garth Brooks.



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