Isotrak unveils analytics tool

Isotrak announced the unveiling of its latest solution, Business Driven Intelligence (BDI). A SaaS dashboard, Isotrak said BDI helps customers identify opportunities to drive efficiencies internally as well as across their total supply chain.

According to the company, the tool provides real insight into a fleet’s performance across all areas of the business and finds new ways to monitor performance, identify savings and offer a new perspective on the management data delivered from Isotrak’s flagship fleet management system.

With Isotrak’s 3iS FleetVision product, the company said it gives customers “total visibility into all of their inbound arrivals, whether at the store, depot or distribution centre, and regardless of which supplier, vehicle or tracking system they use.”

“When we take data from our customers and combine that with disparate sources, such as that of other suppliers, then everyone gains – as the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” said Greville Coe, chief executive officer at Isotrak. “We are now seeing more opportunities for backhaul, providing better job costing, and giving real-time information to feed complex planning systems, among a myriad of other instances.”

Brett Conner, president of Isotrak, said, “Business Driven Intelligence is game-changing. It gives our customers a new way of looking at the same challenges, but with an eye on the bigger picture. We are ready to meet the business demand for BDI.”

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