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ITS America president, CEO resigns

The  Intelligent  Transportation  Society  of  America  (ITS  America)  Board  of Directors  has  accepted  the  resignation  of  ITS  America  president  and  CEO  Regina  Hopper,  effective  July  31,  2017. David  St. Amant,  affiliate  principal  of  CAVita,  will  assume  responsibilities  on  an  interim  basis  as  the  board  begins  an  executive  search  for  a  new  president  and  CEO.

ITS America Regina  Hopper
Regina Hopper

"There  are  few  innovations  garnering  more  attention,  and  that  have  greater  potential  to  transform  our  lives,  than intelligent  and  transformational  transportation  technologies,"  said  Hopper.  "I  am  proud  of  the  work  we  have accomplished  in  positioning  ITS  America  to  continue  to  lead  the  intelligent  transportation  discussion,  and  I  look forward  in  my  next  role  to  supporting  the  next  generation  of  safe,  equitable,  sustainable,  efficient,  and  productive transportation  systems."

"The  board  of  directors  appreciates  Regina's  leadership  and  wishes  her  the  best  in  her  next  role,"  said  Chris Murray, ITS America  Board  Chair.  "We  are  excited  for  the  future  of  ITS  America  as  we  continue  our  work  as  the leading  advocate  for  the  modernization  of  our  transportation  system  by  focusing  on  advancing  research  and deployment  of  intelligent  transportation  systems.

During her two years of service, Hopper:

  • Played an important role in the extensive re-visioning process among ITS America members that produced a new public policy-focused mission and public policy roadmap that was widely shared across the new administration and Congress.
  • Increased outreach to non-industry members, the White House and Congress to promote ITS America's new focus on advocacy.
  • Formed the association's Smart Cities Initiative to identity transportation efficiency best practices to improve mobility.
  • Served as a resource for media and other stakeholders through proactive print, radio and TV press outreach that generated media coverage from C-SPAN, The Hill and leading industry publications.
  • Advanced a dialogue around the importance of ITS deployment through speeches at legislative and policy events, and meetings of ITS America members, federal transportation agencies and transportation associations.

ITS  America  is  an  advocate  for  the  technological modernization  of  our  transportation  system  by  focusing  on  advancing  research  and  deployment  of  intelligent transportation   systems.  

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