Lane Kidd departs Arkansas Trucking Assn.

The Arkansas Trucking Assn. (ATA) and Lane Kidd said that Kidd is leaving the association to focus on The Kidd Group LLC, a business investment and public affairs firm he created in 2013.  Kidd had served as president of the association since 1992.

“I’ve wanted to pursue my own projects for some time now and there are many opportunities out there, so this feels like a good time to say goodbye to the ATA,” Kidd said. “My career as ATA president has been a phenomenal experience, and I’m handing the keys over with ATA looking much better than it did 22 years ago.”

Kidd told Fleet Owner that when he joined the association in 1992 it had 80 members and less than $500 in the bank. “Today, we have several hundred thousand dollars in the bank and more than 300 members.”

Kidd noted that throughout his entire career he has been an employee of an organization and has long considered running his own business. “If I don’t do it now I never will.”

Kidd said that spending personal time with industry icons like J.B. Hunt and Sheridan Garrison was the best experience during his tenure at ATA.  “You couldn’t spend five minutes with them without learning something about business but also about life.”

The Kidd Group will operate in Washington, D.C., and Arkansas providing various services in the transportation industry, including corporate advocacy and public affairs strategies, media relations, corporate branding and publishing. “We also have the capability to arrange private equity opportunities for companies in the transportation industry.”

One of Kidd’s activities will be managing the operations of the Alliance for Driver Safety & Security, also known the Trucking Alliance, which he has done since the group was formed in conjunction with the Arkansas Trucking Assn. in 2010. The Trucking Alliance has advocated for several legislative and regulatory initiatives, including electronic onboard recorders. According to the organization’s website, current members are Boyle Transportation, Dupre Logistics, Fikes Truck Line, J.B. Hunt, Knight Transportation, Maverick Transportation and Schneider National.

“During Lane’s tenure, he has taken a relative unknown group of truckers and propelled us to the front of the line,” said Gary Salisbury, chairman of the Arkansas Trucking Assn. and CEO of Hope, Ark.-based Fikes Truck Line. “The ATA is known across the country as a leader and an example for other associations to strive for. As chairman of the ATA, I speak for the board of directors when I say that Lane will be missed and we wish him success as he starts his newest pursuits.”

Salisbury said the association will announce plans to name a replacement soon.

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