MacroPoint makes vehicle tracking available via ELD

MacroPoint has now made vehicle location tracking available through its ELD devices as well as a driver’s cell phone.

MacroPoint’s ELD tracking service now combines with its cell phone tracking solution automates track and trace procedures by simply tracking a driver’s cell phone and/or in-cab ELD/GPS device.

“The technology is a game changer for the non-asset world of trucking.  Now, regardless of the technology inside the cab or who is hauling the load, shippers and 3PLs will always know the location of their freight,” said Glynn Spangenberg, general manager and executive vice president.

MacroPoint's solution uses patented technology to track a drivers’ cell phone or in-cab device, enabling customers to track all of their brokered freight through a single source, regardless of whether the vehicle has an on-board computer installed or not.

The solution also provides breadcrumb mapping and direct TMS integration.

“MacroPoint’s track and trace software is engineered to remove the guesswork typically associated with tracking brokered freight,” added Spangenberg. “This comprehensive integration gives our customers a powerful new avenue for gaining real-time insight into the precise location of their loads.”

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