Meet the 2016 Fleet Owner Dozen: Outstanding Women in Trucking

Trucking has commonly been perceived as a male-dominated business, but today’s industry numbers thousands of talented women among its ranks and for good reason. The wide variety of career opportunities for people in trucking is tough to beat—at the fleets that run trucks, the manufacturers that build their vehicles, and the organizations that support them. 

Fleet Owner is proud to recognize and honor the women who are helping to build the trucking industry of tomorrow by profiling a few of the many outstanding women in trucking today. Those chosen for the Fleet Owner Dozen offer excellent examples of just how varied career opportunities for women can be in an industry so essential to our overall economic strength. It is our hope that this will, in some small way, help to encourage still more women to choose careers in this vital and varied industry.

Scroll through the gallery (in alphabetical order) to see each of the 12 honorees for 2016. In each photo's caption is a link to the entire profile.

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