NJ fleet owes $53K in Port Authority tolls

A Scotch Plains, NJ, trucking com­pany skipped tolls on Hudson Riv­er crossings 94 times and owes the Port Authority more than $53,000 in unpaid tolls and fines it was discovered when one of the company’s trucks was stopped last week.

The total only counts the times when Port Authority toll booth cameras captured the license plates on vehicles registered to Two An­gels Trucking, previously named Twin Angels Transport, Port Authority officials said in a report in the Record. On Friday, police said, the license plate on one of the company’s dump trucks was concealed.

Port Authority Officer Jason Malice stopped the truck after it coasted through the E-Z Pass lane without paying. Toll authorities found that the rear New York license plate on the truck was fictitious. It was placed over a real New Jersey plate that was partially concealed by duct tape, spokesman Al Della Fave said.

There was no E-ZPass transponder in the cab and the truck’s registration was expired. The Port Authority has become more aggressive going after toll evaders by stepping up police monitoring and suing violators. The agency plans to add the carrier to its “Wall of Shame,” a list published on its website showing the worst alleged toll evaders.

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