North American Dispatch Systems/LoadTrek, Fleetilla partner

North American Dispatch Systems, manufacturer of the LoadTrek multi-modular, fully-integrated, Transportation Management System (TMS), and Fleetilla LLC, a global supplier of fleet telematics and remote monitoring hardware and multiple cloud-based applications, have announced a strategic alliance to leverage each other’s capabilities to provide end-to-end solutions for a wide range of fleet management operations. 

According to Joel Beal, LoadTrek‘s General Manager, and Marty Rocca, Fleetilla’s Senior Vice President, the new program will allow both LoadTrek and Fleetilla customers to further maximize the performance of each company’s products.

According to Beal, for the past several years some of the two companies’ products have been deployed in various configurations that support a blended solution offering.

For example, the LoadTrek TMS utilizes selected Fleetilla components for various telematics functions.  Similarly, selected Fleetilla software components can also be integrated with the LoadTrek TMS system for additional fleet management services.

Beal further explained. “Each company has consistently upgraded or enhanced the capabilities of their respective systems, and worked together to make their solution interfaces work seamlessly. We feel that this constant sharing of technology offers significant benefits to both companies' customers.  By sharing our development plans, and continually collaborating, we are able to create robust, highly scalable solutions that integrate hardware, connectivity and full-spectrum Transportation Management Solutions (TMS). Our customers will have access to the latest product technology sooner than if separate R&D programs were continued.”

Rocca continued. “We found that in the past, each entity may have been working on an identical or similar upgrade or new product.  Based upon our existing working relationship, it became obvious that both companies’ customers would benefit by our jointly accelerating the development and rollout of the latest innovations.”

“We believe this alliance is particularly timely, considering the upcoming DOT mandate for ELD. Both companies will be able to leverage each other’s capabilities to provide compelling, feature-rich world-class solutions.”

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