nussbaumtruck.jpg Photo: Nussbaum Transportation
Nussbaum Transportation averaged 8.6 mpg fleet-wide in 2017.

Nussbaum Transportation hiking OTR driver pay 6%

Nussbaum Transportation will increase over-the-road driver pay 6% beginning in January, the company said. Pay now will range from 42 cents to 52 cents per mile based on length of haul, with a weekly minimum pay guarantee of $1,050.

The increase, along with Nussbaum’s performance-based bonus pay program, will result in average annual driver earnings greater than $63,000 and will enable top drivers to achieve $70,000 and more per year, the company said.

 “Our company is committed to improving wages to retain quality drivers and attract new people to this industry,” said CEO Brent Nussbaum. “At a time of economic improvement in the U.S., with an abundance of available non-driving jobs, pay plays an important role in keeping drivers on the road.”

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