NY mayor blames truck drivers for bridge collisions

The mayor of Binghamton, NY, is hoping to spread the word to truckers that the Front Street railroad bridge near Clinton St. in the city is too low for many tractor-trailer rigs to navigate, after yet another rig got stuck under the overpass this week.

Last year there were several reports of tractor-trailer rigs getting stuck under the bridge that belongs to Norfolk Southern.

“The problem really is the truck drivers,” said Matthew Ryan, Binghamton mayor. “They don’t know how to read signs. We have plenty of signs leading up to that bridge.”

According to Ryan, the city has investigated lowering the roadway and rebuilding a shortcut to Clinton St. to accommodate truck traffic, but have been unable to do because of a lack of funding, according to a WBNG News report.

In the meantime, Ryan hopes word will spread through the trucking industry to avoid traveling under the Front St. railroad bridge.


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