NY senator wants to seize trucks not on designated truck routes

A New York state senator’s bill would allow law enforcement officials to seize trucks after multiple oversized vehicle violations, according to a report in the Forest Hills Patch.

State Sen. Tony Avella, D-Bayside, introduced a bill that would allow law enforcement in residential communities to seize and initiate forfeiture proceedings on trucks or tractors that weigh more than 10,000 lbs. if the driver of the vehicle has been convicted of three violations for deviating from designated truck routes within 18 months.

Avella said trucks are supposed to stick solely to designated truck routes, but many truckers break the rules and drive through residential communities.

“One of the most frequent quality of life complaints my office receives is illegal truck traffic,” Avella said. “The incidence of illegal truck traffic has increased dramatically throughout my district and beyond. All too often, these huge trucks and tractor-trailers drive through quiet residential streets with little or no regard for residents, creating traffic congestion, noise, pollution and vibrations that shake the foundation of homes.”

Despite previous legislative efforts that have increased the penalties issued to truck drivers for truck route violations, many trucking companies and drivers disregard these fines as merely the cost of doing business,” Avella said. “Therefore, the only other option is to seize the vehicles of perpetual violators of the truck traffic regulations.”

Avella’s bill would also increase penalties for repeat offenders.

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