Oh, the stories these tough old Macks could tell

While much of the attention at Mack Trucks today is on the new Anthem highway tractor, the company's vintage and antique trucks are certainly also worth a look. And thanks to a major revitalization of the Mack Customer Center in Allentown, PA, you can now do a lot more gawking.

A recent $3 million refresh of the facility included a considerable expansion of the Mack Trucks Historical Museum beyond what was available last year around this time.

If you go there, you'll find some old Macks "just visiting" on loan from around the country — which means the experience you have could be different, depending on when you drop by — along with some trucks that are permanent residents.

It feels like all of them are full of tales and the passion of their owners past and present, if only they could talk. But Mack historic experts like Doug Maney (above-left photo) can give you an idea at least, or usher you through the Customer Center's other exhibits such as a replica of Alfred Fellows Masury's original Mack bulldog hood ornament carved in wood and patented in 1932 (see below).   


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