PA trucking firm charged with falsifying driver logs

D.A. Landis Trucking Inc., of Lancaster, PA, and its owner, Dean A. Landis, were accused of ordering drivers to falsify their daily work logs, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office in Philadelphia, which charged both Landis Trucking and Landis with one count of conspiracy and 10 counts of making false statements.

Federal prosecutors charge that the trucking firm that hauls milk throughout the East Coast, Southeastern, and Midwest states, ordered drivers to prepare two sets of daily logs, one showing they were complying with federal hours-of-service rules, and another with actual driving and break times.

The separate logs were labeled “Not 4 DOT,” “NO DOT” or otherwise, to alert management to file them in cabinets that were similarly labeled, according to prosecutors.

The defendants were also charged with dispatching drivers on trips that they knew would require excessive driving hours, prosecutors said. The double logbooks were used from January 2007 through November 2009, according to a Lancaster Online report.

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