PacLease launches coast-to-coast PacToll toll billing, management solution

PacLease launches coast-to-coast PacToll toll billing, management solution

CINCINNATI. PACCAR Leasing (PacLease) is now offering a new PacToll automatic toll billing/ collecting solution for its lease and rental customers nationwide. The company developed the solution in partnership with toll management systems provider Bestpass and announced PacToll's availability here at the National Private Truck Council's Annual Conference here in the Queen City.

PacToll covers all major toll roads and bridges in the United States, according to PacLease. The company says it is the first leasing company to make toll management available at the national level.

"It's a new service we're offering our customers that will help streamline and simplify the use of toll roads and billing," said Michelle Harry, PacLease's director of marketing. "We're making the transponder-based system available to all of our lease customers, plus our franchises are in the process of installing the transponders in their rental fleet."

According to Harry, PacLease trucks equipped with PacToll can automatically consolidate all toll road and bridge fees accumulated each month and the corresponding toll will be added to the lease invoice.

"It simplifies things for our customers by eliminating the need for them to pay each toll agency on an individual basis," Harry contended. "It eases the administrative burden for those renting trucks from PacLease. Without a toll-management system, toll charges are often not available to the rental company until days or weeks after the toll was incurred, then the cost has to be passed along to the rental customer.

"That takes time and another bill, which goes out to the customer to close the rental transaction," she continued. "Through PacToll, toll fees are quickly available via the toll management system, which allows our customers to receive one accurate bill, complete with any toll charges, at the time of rental return."

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