Pricing Dough

Did you get a chance to Google your company's name?

The only reason I asked was to reinforce the point I made last post that I think the trucking industry is falling behind the times. Frankly, too many of us are selling like we still live in Bedrock!

Don’t worry if you didn’t have the time to “snoop” yourself online. Lots of other’s are doing it for you. Who might those others be?

Consider the following...

  • 73% of decision makers will not answer a cold call.
  • 90% of buying decisions are based on Internet research.
  • 2/3 of people trust this research as opposed to information that is supplied by salesman.
  • Today’s buyers are 66% to 90% of the way through the decision making process before engaging the supplier.

Need more proof. Check out my Pinterest home page (if you don’t have a Pinterest account, you may need to sign up) for a mountain of stats showing how radically different B2B buyers shop today versus even a few years ago.

Put yourself in the position of today’s millennial transportation buyer. That’s the 34-year-old whipper snapper who rarely goes an hour without checking their smartphone. When they complete their online research looking for new suppliers do you think you have any chance of getting business from them?

Congratulations if your answer is yes. You’re in the minority which in this case is a good thing. Good luck if your answer is no - you’re officially behind the times. Your sales force has been reduced to “Pricing Dough – Dough Bird’s” that spends the majority of their day dropping off pricing that gives away dough. Your dough! Ya ba da ba doo!

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