Pride Transport bumps up driver pay

Pride Transport bumps up driver pay

A roughly two cent per mile pay increase is being rolled out by Pride Transport primarily for all new driver hires as well as its current corps of refrigerated drivers.

Pride’s new “Pay For Performance” or “PFP” plan will give each driver at least two cent per mile increase to bring Pride’s pay up between 33 and 42 cents per mile, depending on experience level. 

In addition to the rate-per-mile increase for all refrigerated drivers, Pride will now offer six paid holidays per year for all drivers, noted Jay England, Pride’s CEO, in a statement.

“Our drivers work hard all year long, and many of them work these holidays,” he explained. “This is a way to say ‘thank you’ and put more money in their pockets.”

England added that those six holidays will be paid to all drivers who work that day or not.

He also noted that that the carrier’s new PFP program can help its drivers earn additional pay increases every 10 months in some cases based on the following format:

  • Drivers are given points for miles, fuel efficiency and on-time performance each month with a maximum score of 1,000 points.
  • When a driver accumulates 10,000 points, they earn another pay increase.
  • Drivers are also eligible for a monthly mileage bonus and a fuel bonus based on a key set of metrics, with bonuses ranging from a penny to seven cents per mile and paid the following month.

“We really did our homework on this new pay package,” England pointed out. “We provide the drivers with an up-to-date point total on every pay statement so they can see exactly where they stand."

Steve Schelin, Pride’s director of recruiting, added that those mileage pay increases follow the free installation of DirecTV satellite reception in its 450 trucks; an upgrade initiative started last year.

“It has been so well received by our fleet and by potential drivers; the fact that we can install the equipment for free is extremely attractive,” he said in a statement. “Pride will also pay all or part for the monthly subscription fee if the driver maintains above [a] 700 score each month; one way we can provide a little piece of home in the truck.”

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