Rolling Strong partners to provide healthier vending food options to truckers

In an effort to provide more accessible nutritional health options to professional drivers, Rolling Strong has announced it will exclusively partner with Healthy Vending Management to make healthier food available in vending machines in the transportation industry nationwide.

“Healthy Vending Management’s easy accessibility, great customer and client services and wide variety of health food options are a welcomed sight for professional drivers seeking nutritional alternatives. This is a healthy choice that any size company can begin to implement within their workforce,” said Bob Perry, “The Trucker Trainer” and president of Rolling Strong.

Healthy Vending Management was created in 2009 to provide a nationwide solution for the growing demand to have healthier options supplied in vending machines throughout corporate America. Since there are no national vending companies, Healthy Vending Management manages local vendors to make sure their clients are provided with the most progressive, healthy choice vending program available.

Currently, Healthy Vending Management is serving almost every major industry including transportation terminals and manufacturing facilities. Healthy Vending Management offers the healthiest products available for vending in their clients’ machines by offering a wide variety of products from low-calorie items, gluten-free baked products, organic fresh fruit and salads, portion-control items, all-natural products, zero-calorie drinks and nuts.

“Many of our machines are specially decaled so the client can tell that they offer healthier options,” said Jesse Kleinman, president of Healthy Vending Management. “Our machines are also environmentally friendly, lowering operating costs for our clients, while lessening their impact on the environment. Some machines are even equipped with an interactive flat screen television, which our customers can use to explore nutritional information about all of the products inside the machine.”

Healthy Vending Management also strives to work with their clients to tie into other wellness programs they currently offer. Healthy Vending Management’s goal is to make America’s workforce healthier and help large corporations reduce healthcare costs.

“Almost every large corporation today has some type of wellness initiative or program,” said Kleinman. “While many companies are educating their employees about eating healthier, they do not have healthy options available in the workplace to help sustain their education efforts.”

Rolling Strong Healthy Vending is also now a part of the Rolling Strong Driver Wellness Tool Bag Program as a proactive wellness solution to aid professional drivers, their families and the transportation industry in getting their health back on the road. Rolling Strong has developed a unique program designed for professional truck drivers. Thousands of company drivers today are proud to carry their Rolling Strong Driver Wellness Tool Bag as a symbol of better health, Perry said.

“Healthy Vending Management decided to partner with Rolling Strong because of their extensive knowledge about the trucking industry and the common goal to make drivers throughout America a healthier group,” Kleinman said. “Rolling Strong’s president, Bob Perry, is one of the most proactive figures I have met in the health and wellness industry and we are glad to be a part of what he is doing for the trucking industry.”

Healthy Vending Management creates, implements and manages customized vending programs for clients, designing healthy, green vending programs that can be healthier for employees.

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